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    * Title: 경성스캔들 / Capital Scandal
    * Also known as: Scandal in Old Seoul / Scandal in the Capital / Modern Romance
    * Episodes: 16
    * Genre: Comedy
    * Broadcast network: KBS2
    * Broadcast period: 2007-Jun-06 to 2007-Aug-02
    * Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
    * Opening theme: "Capital Scandal" (경성 스캔들) by Eru (이루)


This drama is set in the 1930's when Korea was under the rule of Japan. Na Yeo Kyeong was the owner of a book store and she was also a freedom fighter. Seon Woo Wan was the playboy son of a rich family and he became involved in the independence movement through a bet with his co-workers to win Na Yeo Kyeong's heart. His father paid for the education of his worker's son, Lee Soo Hyeon, and was disappointed to find him working for the Security Branch of the Japanese government. Cha Song Joo was a famous gisaeng who ran a high class brothel.


    * Kang Ji Hwan as Seon Woo Wan
    * Han Ji Min as Na Yeo Kyeong
    * Ryu Jin as Lee Soo Hyeon
    * Han Go Eun as Cha Song Joo

Extended Cast

    * Kang Nam Gil as Kim Tak Goo
    * Kim Hye Ok as Ueda Sachiko
    * Ahn Seok Hwan as Ueda Mamoru
    * Yoon Gi Won as Lee Kang Goo
    * Choi Phillip as Yamashita Kouji
    * Heo Jeong Min as Shin Se Ki (Wan's friend)
    * Go Myung Hwan as Wang Gol (Wan's friend)
    * Jang Tae Sung as Choo Geun Deok
    * Park Ha Seon as So Yeong Rang (Cha Song Joo's junior)
    * Ahn Yong Joon as Kang In Ho
    * Lee Kyeong Jin as Choi Hak Hee (Yeo Kyeong's mother)
    * Yoon Joo Sang as Seon Woo Kwan (Wan's father)
    * Yoon Ye Hee as Heo Young Hwa (Wan's stepmother)
    * Seo Hyun Ki as Mang Chi
    * Uhm Hyun Kyung
    * Choi Yeo Jin (cameo ep1)

Production Credits

    * Screenwriter: Jin Soo Wan
    * Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
    * Director: Han Joon Seo

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